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Good place to go because it’s private, quiet… they accepted our insurance which was important to me. – A Client

She loved everything - she enjoyed it. It put me at ease because I felt like my child and I were both in a safe environment. She has verbal apraxia. She was 5 years old. – Parent of a client

I felt like my daughter and I were cared for. I was able to watch my child's sessions through the observation window so I didn’t feel separated and I could see what was going on. She wasn’t distracted with me sitting right there. I was encouraged because of the progress that she made in spite of her diagnosis of apraxia speech.  - Angie Tedder


Her hearing aids have never felt better! It's always been a challenge to get her to wear them. She got up this morning and put them in herself. Now she can hear through the app on the phone and she can hear me perfectly! You don't know how much that means to us! - Robin Matthews about her mother, Ruth Broach


Pee Dee Speech & Hearing is a great resource for our community to have.  Communication is very important.  You have to be able to speak for people to understand you and this place provides that. I am very big on communication.  Lameka Jackson, former client and President of the Board of Directors, PDSH

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